Help for American Legion members

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Contributed Report

REGION – Members of the nation’s largest veterans organization impacted by Hurricane Katrina can now apply directly to national headquarters for immediate relief cash grants from The American Legion’s National Emergency Fund (NEF).

Legionnaires can apply to receive up to $1500 to cover costs of food, shelter and clothing needed as the result of devastation created by the nation’s largest natural disaster that affected several Gulf Coast states.

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A cash grant will be immediately placed in the members credit card account upon approval to cover costs created by displacement from the storm.

If the individual does not have a credit card, funds can be transferred direct to a hotel/motel to cover the cost of lodging.

“We want all Legionnaires to know that help is just a toll free call away,” said National Commander Thomas L. Bock.

“Our goal is rapid processing of each application to get money into the hands of our members and their families within a matter of hours.”

Legionnaires can call toll-free 1-800-433-3318 to apply by phone.

Another option for those with computer access is secure online application at .

The American Legion National Emergency Fund was established in 1969 in the wake of Hurricane Camille.

Established by Legionnaires to provide relief to Legionnaires impacted by natural disasters, the fund has provided assistance to thousands of members.

“Given the massive scale of this disaster, I ask that all Legionnaires who have not been affected by Katrina consider donating now to the NEF,” Bock said.

“Our thoughts

and prayers go out to all Americans suffering in the aftermath of this devastating hurricane.

It is imperative that we contribute whatever we can to help them through this very difficult time.”

Donations can be made to The American Legion National Emergency Fund also online securely at