Davis tour stops at Mobile Medical Vehicle

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 12, 2005

DEMOPOLIS – The Community Care Network held a free women’s clinic on its Mobile Medical Vehicle Friday in Demopolis, and at the close of the day some special guests stopped by for a tour.

Alabama Congressman Artur Davis spent the day touring the Black Belt with a team of health care officials from Tuscaloosa and Birmingham. Davis said their goal was to get a closer look at the challenges and efforts being made in the region in regard to health care.

“Tuscaloosa and Birmingham health care organizations are trying to create a partnership with health care organizations in the Black Belt,” Davis said. The best way to form a relationship is to have them see the current conditions in person, he said.

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John Harrod, a representative of Instruments of Mercy, said this event was important because a team of hospital executives have never toured this area.

Though today’s women’s clinic was slightly unsuccessful, Davis said health care opportunities like the Mobile Medical Vehicle are important and necessary to the region.

The Community Care Network is a faith and community based non-profit organizations, working to eliminate health care disparities in the region. They are based in Montgomery, but hold several medical clinics each month in surrounding counties.