Let’s put our best foot forward

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 13, 2005

We’ve all read about all the fundraisers and other relief efforts to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina, and I say kudos to all the people who have given of their time, money and other items to help these people.

The victims of Katrina, particularly those from the Gulf Coast and New Orleans, have lost everything, some have even lost loved ones. It will be many months before some of these people return to the place that used to be their home, and many may not return at all.

Many of these people are living in hotels, shelters and some are even living in RVs, not the ideal situation, and yet there are some out there who would take advantage of those already victimized.

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We wrote last week about the family here in Demopolis who were robbed. Thanks to our fast-acting police department, those perpetrators were caught. Now, yet again, someone has victimized the victims.

In Greene County, two men armed with shotguns broke into a hotel room and robbed evacuees who were staying there.

I realize that a person who is low enough to steal from another person could care less who it is they are stealing from. But to steal from people who have little to their names is just lower than low. And it doesn’t say much for our area when crime extends itself to people who are homeless and are having to rely on others for their basic needs.

Hopefully Greene County Sheriff Johnny Isaac and his deputies will be as quick on the draw as Demopolis police were and will soon have these two suspects behind bars.

Until then, there is nothing else to do but pray for these souls – those victimized by Katrina and those heartless enough to steal from the victims – and do our best to show the evacuees who have placed their trust in us that Demopolis and the surrounding have more to offer than bad criminals.