Carson the cow utters education to Westside Elementary students

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 20, 2005

DEMOPOLIS- Okay so Carson wasn’t actually talking, but Matt Armbrester of the Mobile Dairy Classroom did inform Westside Elementary students about cow anatomy, milk and dairy products and the milking process.

There was no chalkboard and no taking notes as the students watched Armbrester and Carson under the awning in front of Westside Elementary Monday morning.

“I educate the kids about agriculture and the environment,” Armbrester said. “This is my job. I guess you could call me a traveling school teacher.”

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Students learned Carson weighs 1,500 pounds, has four stomachs, eats more than 100 pounds of food a day and drinks more than a bathtub of water.

Armbrester and Carson traveled from Auburn to Westside in a 32-foot trailer, which features a fully operational milking parlor.

After Armbrester showed the crowd how to milk Carson by hand and squirted some fresh milk onto the ground, he demonstrated the modern milking device which he said is not only more efficient, but less painful for the cow.

According to Armbrester, the Auburn Veterinary School Dairy Farm provided Carson and Alabama dairy farmers provide the funding for the program.

“Something similar came through from Texas and the dairy farmers saw it and were really impressed with it,” he said. “So they wanted to see it in their state and affect their kids.”

There is no charge for the Mobile Dairy Classroom and the program targets children in kindergarten through sixth grade but can be enjoyed but all.

To schedule Armbrester and a 1,000-pound friend for a visit at your school, contact him at (334) 737-3333.