Local church donates to relief fund

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 21, 2005

LINDEN-The Lewis Chapel Youth Department of AME Zion Church in Linden did their part to help with the relief effort for Hurricane Katrina by donating $500 to the American Red Cross Marengo County division Tuesday.

Brenda Weaver, Marengo County’s Red Cross Director, said the group had been saving to go on a trip to New Orleans, but were forced to rethink their plans when the hurricane arrived.

“They had collected $500 saving their money through different events and saving to go to New Orleans before Katrina was ever even thought of,” Weaver said. “Katrina hit and all the devastation cancelled the trip.”

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Weaver said the youth decided they would like to donate their money to help those in need.

“The youth group with their director decided they wanted to donate the money to the relief effort instead of saving it to go somewhere else,” Weaver said. “They are giving very unselfishly.”

Youth Director Melinda White said the children had held several functions and saved the money with plans to go to Florida. However, they then decided on a trip to New Orleans.

“We had been saving money ever since November and they were planning to go to Disney World,” White said. “They didn’t make that much money so then they decided to go to Six Flags in New Orleans and that trip was scheduled for Sept. 10.”

The group had made all the arrangements and then Hurricane Katrina came. White said they were then forced to change their plans. She said when she asked the youth what they would like to do with the money they raised they voted to donate it to hurricane relief. She said this unselfish act made her very proud.

“After that we cancelled and talked to the youth department and they decided they wanted to donate their money to Katrina relief,” White said. “We are very proud of them for making that decision.”

Weaver said the fact that these children would give so unselfishly was a very positive sign.

“They really gave unselfishly,” Weaver said. “So many youth of today would not think to do something like that. We are very proud of them.”