Church Aflame puts new spin on old location

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 26, 2005

DEMOPOLIS-what a difference a year makes. Eleven short months ago Demopolis Police and gaming experts raided the building known as the Plaza Game room after a daylong undercover investigation.

Now, in only 10 days, the congregation of Church Aflame in Demopolis has turned the building around. The church is using the building as their temporary headquarters until their new facility on Highway 80 is complete. Pastor Mickey Green said the sale of their old building happened so fast they needed a new location in a hurry.

“We sold our church and the deal came down pretty fast,” Green said. “From there we needed to find a temporary home. We have plans drawn for our new property out on Highway 80, but our plans aren’t quite ready.”

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Green said the church would call the building home for the next several months.

“We estimate for eight months or better we will be here,” Green said. “This will be our temporary home for that period of time. We keep referring to this as our temporary sanctuary.”

The congregation is home to about 160 people and looking to grow. Green said when they move to their new location on Highway 80 they will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“In the book of Joshua when he was out in the wilderness and needed to get to the promise land he had to cross Jordan,” Green said. “We look at this move as being halfway across Jordan. Once we move out on Highway 80 we will be in the promise land.”

When construction begins the church will move into a state of the art building, which will be put together in two phases. Phase one will allow them to host 350, while phase two will up their capacity to 1,500. Green said they were looking at the big picture.

“I have always been taught if you are going to dream, dream big,” Green said. “We have big dreams for a big God.

After the first phase is complete most of the churches needs would be met. Green said they would be in great shape until the rest of the project can be completed.

“Our first building is going to be recreation, offices and classrooms,” Green said. “We are going to use the gym for church until we pay for it. We estimate it will be paid for in five to seven years.”

The churches senior member, Dan Webb, has been at the church to lend a hand every day. Webb said working together on their new building has brought the members closer.

“So far things have been going great,” Webb said. “It’s the most cooperation I have seen in years. This has really been an effort of the whole church because everyone has put forth as much effort as they could.”

Webb said there was a sense of togetherness and anticipation.

“It seems like there is a lot of excitement here,” Webb said. “There is really a feeling that something great is about to happen here and I am just glad to be a part of it.”