Greene authorities arrest two in connection with attempted murder

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 27, 2005

FORKLAND-Greene County Sheriff Johnny Isaac said two men were arrested Thursday morning in connection with an attempted murder. Darrell Blake Jr., 20, of Forkland and Joe Davis, 20, of Forkland were taken into custody in connection with the attempted murder of Walter Beck Jr Isaac said.

Isaac said Beck was shot after an apparent argument over a girl escalated. As Beck tried to flee the fight he was gunned down, the Sheriff said.

“The suspect said he was shot by Blake as he was running away after an altercation,” Isaac said. “They claim it was an argument over a girl.”

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Isaac said the incident began with words and ended with gunshots. He said there was a fourth party driving the vehicle who was not involved.

“They had been in a heated discussion,” Isaac said. “Beck, Blake Davis and another who was driving were all in the same car when an argument took place.”

According to Isaac, the four were riding in Forkland when the car came to a stop and Beck was pistol-whipped. Isaac said Beck then jumped out of the car and began to run when he was shot from behind. The others then left Beck to die.

Isaac said Beck crawled to a nearby home where he was taken to a local hospital and then to Tuscaloosa.

“He reportedly crawled across a pasture through the woods and to a home,” Isaac said. “They then called the police and he was transported to the hospital.”

Despite losing a great deal of blood,Isaac said Beck was reported to be in stable condition and should recover from his wounds.

Isaac said Davis and Blake remained in jail. No bond has been set.