Hatter spots marijuana plants at funeral

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 29, 2005

LIVINGSTON-The Sumter County Sheriff’s Department recently took Laterrace Wade, 23, of Emelle into custody on charges of unlawful distribution of a controlled substance after Sheriff Johnny Hatter discovered marijuana plants inside Wade’s vehicle near Emelle.

According to Hatter, he was attending a funeral at St. Peter’s Church on County Road 20 when he walked past a black Oldsmobile Cutlass parked nearby and spotted an ice chest sitting on the front floorboard of the vehicle. There appeared to be several marijuana plants growing in the ice chest.

Hatter said the bust was definitely a first in his law enforcement career.

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“I used to work in a funeral home and I have attended a lot of funerals,” Hatter laughed. “But that’s the first time I have ever seen anybody show up with those kind of flowers.”

Wade, who also goes by the alias “Boo Sue,” was taken into custody and placed in the Sumter County Jail. His vehicle was seized by the Sheriff’s Department and impounded.

Hatter said a search of the vehicle incidental to the arrest revealed a semi-automatic handgun and a sawed off shotgun concealed inside the vehicle. The department also discovered drug paraphernalia and a bag of an unknown type of pills.

Wade was later released on bond and is awaiting a court appearance in the case.