Overalls are the perfect outfit

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 29, 2005

Over the weekend I rediscovered the perfect clothing attire in a new pair of overalls. Each summer I pack this particular article of clothing away until I either need to get some work done that can’t be done in shorts or the weather cools off.

Saturday after watching the Alabama-Arkansas game I decided I would go to Pennington and play in the woods for a while.

This was a task that required overalls. I pulled them out of the top of my closet and suited up for some serious red necking and began to remember just how much I loved my overalls. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that overalls were indeed the perfect article of clothing.

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While they may not be as trendy, overalls are just as useful as the cargo shorts and pants that have become so popular through the years. Neither pants nor shorts can match overalls for pocket space. There are pockets on the front, back and side and two, yes two pockets on the bib.

Overalls are also just plain comfortable. They are loose fitting, break in easily and adjustable. If you have one too many biscuits at breakfast simply loosen them up. Overalls are always forgiving to a few extra pounds. If you find yourself doing a little expansion work around the belly area overalls will stand by you for at least a couple of waist sizes.

Overalls can also be used at “dressy” occasions. Some people would say otherwise, but how many times have you seen someone in overalls in an Oxford shirt with a tie. If you said never, stick around. It will happen. There have also been several occasions where a person’s final wish will be to buck the traditional suite and be laid to rest in their overalls. That is the most profound statement of all as to the importance of overalls.

Of course, overalls are more than just “dressy.” More times than not they are work for their original purpose of getting to work. Again, the pockets come back into play. They are perfect for holding nails, tools, snacks or whatever a person may need. There is also a handy, dandy attachment for a hammer conveniently located on the leg. Overalls are perfect for any outdoors chore whether it is roofing, construction, carpentry work, hunting or fishing. They serve their purpose and they serve it well.

Odds are most of you will read this and think I am a complete idiot. That’s fine. All I ask is that you go out, get a pair of overalls and at least give them a whirl. Buy a pair of overalls and lounge around in them on a Sunday afternoon between church visits and see how their comfort and usefulness affects your demeanor. You may be pleasantly surprised.