Repairs planned for inside and outside of City Hall

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 3, 2005

DEMOPOLIS – Mayor Cecil Williamson and members of the Building Commission decided repair work needs to be completed on and in the Demopolis City Hall.

At Friday morning’s emergency meeting, the commission talked about repairing the City Hall roof due to the damage sustained from the past two hurricanes.

“It was damaged from Katrina and then Rita came through and took some more of it off,” Williamson said.

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Although bids are currently not open for the repairs, commissioners agree the roof needs to be taken care of.

“I think we need to remove those chimneys,” Charles Jones, Demopolis City Councilman, said. “We don’t use them for anything.”

Williamson and Mike Baker, public works superintendent, said they needed to check on the historical status of the building before they decide to remove anything.

The smell emitting from the carpet inside of the building is also causing a problem for the mayor.

“I had a guy come in and clean it,” she said. “But, I can still smell the carpet.”

Williamson said she would like to replace the carpet but doesn’t know whether to redo the entire building or just the main lobby.

Jones and Baker agreed new carpeting in the lobby and halls leading to the Chamber and Williamson’s office would be sufficient instead of carpeting the whole City Hall.

But, Commissioners face one possible issue.

The main desk is fixed and cannot be moved to put the new carpet down so carpenters would have to stop at the desk and secure the carpet around it.

“The best bet would be to run carpet up to the desk because if you move it, you’d break it,” Baker said.

Jones said a price estimate is needed because the carpet is beginning to ruffle up in the entryway.

Williamson added the recent cleanup has brought a cleaning solution from the past to the top of the carpet.

“Indoor/outdoor carpet shouldn’t be that expensive,” he said.

The commission plans to compare prices to get the necessary tasks completed.