Drugs found in impounded car

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 5, 2005

GREENSBORO – Police uncovered more evidence against the five men taken into custody last week during a Thursday evening drug bust.

Chief Claude Hamilton said they found $75-100,000 worth of pressed cocaine yesterday in Deronta Skipper’s gray 2000 GMC Suburban which was seized last week.

“After we impounded it I felt like there was something else in the vehicle,” Hamilton said. “So we searched it again and found this stuff in a hidden compartment in the car.”

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Hamilton said police also found a 9-millimeter Berretta handgun and $9,100 in cash.

“Most of the time you can tell when panels in a car are being removed on regular basis,” Hamilton said.

According to Hamilton the five men were charged with drug-related crimes last week and are still in police custody.

Skipper, of Greensboro, was convicted on charges of trafficking and distributing an illegal substance. Leslie Watford, of Greensboro, was convicted on charges of possession of a controlled substance, first-degree possession of marijuana, and manufacturing a controlled substance.

Kendric Watford, of Greensboro, was convicted on charges of manufacturing and trafficking a controlled substance. Randy D. Warren, of Greensboro, was convicted on charges of possession of a controlled substance and first-degree marijuana possession. Lastly, Jabbar Johnson, of Uniontown, was convicted on charges of first-degree possession of marijuana and possession on a controlled substance.

Hamilton said they plan to continue searching for drug distributors in hopes to clean up the city.

“This doesn’t look good for Greensboro,” he said.

The chief also said he will continue to look for more paraphernalia pertaining to the current case.

“I think we searched the car pretty good yesterday but we’ll probably search it again,” Hamilton said. “And we’ll probably go further than the truck.”

So far, police have seized anywhere from $95-125,000 worth of drugs and about $10,600 in cash from the suspects, their cars and their homes.