Bust nets 31 bags of marijuana

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 11, 2005

EUTAW-The Eutaw Police Department continued to make progress in dealing with the drug problem in their city by seizing 31 bags of marijuana and making an arrest. Eutaw Police Chief Reginald Spencer said Eutaw Police took Christopher Atkins, 22, of Eutaw into custody as well as a significant amount of marijuana.

Spencer said when Officer Vincent Powell found Atkins at Kings Village a routine arrest on a warrant turned into much more.

“He had 31 bags of marijuana on his possession,” Spencer said. “He has been charged with possession of marijuana, first degree.”

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Spencer said this was the second time in a year Atkins had been arrested on drug charges. It was actually an investigation on a past warrant that led to the most current arrest. Spencer said the combination of Atkins past warrants and the department’s efforts to crack down on criminal activity in Kings Village were both major factors in making the arrest.

“We had outstanding warrants on him,” Spencer said. “We have been concentrating on the criminal activity in the Kings Village area.”

The department has begun to increase their presence in the area in hopes of making the area a safe place to live. Spencer said they have taken aggressive action to locate drugs and take them of the streets.

“We have been patrolling,” Spencer said. “We have been making traffic stops and vehicle searches and things of that nature. We are making some leeway.”

Spencer said they planned to continue to patrol King’s Village and other problem areas throughout the city.