Livingston to hold Adopt a Hydrant

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 11, 2005

LIVINGSTON-After Nov. 1 fire hydrants in Livingston will take on a much different look than their traditional coded red, blue and green colors. On Nov. 1 the Livingston Fire Department will officially launch their Adopt-A-Hydrant program, which will allow groups, individuals and anyone else who would like to participate adopt and decorate fire hydrants around the campus of the University of West Alabama.

Sgt. Russell L. Keene, of the Livingston Fire Department, said the new program has generated a lot of interest in its early stages,

“We have had a real good response so far,” Keene said. “So far we have 11 signed up and we expect several more. We have had some sororities show interest and some have already submitted designs.”

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Keene said there is plenty of room for more people to participate. There are an estimated 25 to 30 hydrants on campus. Keene said they would also like to give citizens of Livingston a chance to participate.

“We would like to eventually expand this off campus,” Keene said. “We have had a lot of input from people in neighborhoods who have said they would like to decorate the fire hydrants in their yards. I think it would probably be worth our while to look into doing something like that.”

Keene said everyone would benefit if the program were to expand off campus. Citizens would benefit by being able to personalize their fire hydrants and the fire department would benefit by having hydrants that were more visible in case of emergency. Keene said if people decorate their hydrants they are less likely to plant bushes or place other decorations in front of the hydrant that might conceal them.

Keene said the decorations would also be a source of community pride.

“I think eventually we could build this to the scale of Meridians carousel,” Keene said. “I think a lot of people will enjoy this.”

The idea seems unique. However, Livingston Mayor Tom Tartt said they had a similar program several years ago.

“About 20 years ago when we celebrated our 150 anniversary we painted every fire hydrant in town,” Tartt said. “We painted them several different colors and I think people had a lot of fun with that. We are coming up on our 175 anniversary and I think we could probably fit this in with that.”

The fire department encourages anyone who wants to participate to contact them at (205) 652-9777. Participants are required to furnish their own paint, but are also encouraged to let their creativity run wild.