Tucker Cabinetry Expands

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 12, 2005

So many times people look to outside industries to bring in new jobs to the Black Belt. However, Tucker Cabinetry, formerly Tucker and Son Cabinets, is a Marengo County based business that is boosting the local economy through expansion.

The company, which has been in business for 35 years, recently began implementing a bold new business plan, which is expanding their services and capabilities.

This plan entailed a number of initiatives that is now resulting in tremendous growth to the business.

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The key changes to the business have been investment in new manufacturing equipment and processes, addition of a new management approach, and expansion of the served market beyond the Demopolis region.

The most profitable segment within the kitchen and bath cabinet market is in the upper end which caters the discriminating home owner.

In order to be successful in this market Tucker Cabinetry realized that they would need to be able to deliver more complex designs, in less manufacturing time, with very short deliveries.

To meet these challenges Tucker Cabinetry’s management made a strategic decision to invest just short of $500,000 in a completely new computer driven manufacturing line.

Ro Tucker commented “the investment began paying dividends almost immediately”.

Formerly, the average time to build and a set of kitchen cabinets was 4.5 days.

When Scott Tucker, Production Manager, was asked about the impact of the new line he commented “we can now produce a set of cabinets in 8 hours”.

Additional changes are now underway to reduce this time to 4 hours.

With the ability to build 10 sets of cabinets a week just around the corner, Tucker Cabinetry realized that the core competence of the business would need to be expanded in the management area.

Mark Boland has become a partner in the business to help drive this program.

Mark worked as a consultant with Tucker to develop the business plan.

Again Ro Tucker said “our experience is largely in the construction piece of the business.

In order for us to grow we realized we needed help with financial, logistic, marketing, and sales management – Mark brings these skills to us”.

Mark Boland moved to the Demopolis 3 years ago after serving in executive positions with Fortune 100 companies around the world.

Tucker Cabinetry is well on its way to becoming a regional player in the cabinet business.

Mark Boland leads the development of a regional distribution network among his other duties.

Mark said “we now have sales representation in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Mobile”.

The addition of these markets was driving rapid growth of the company – and then came Katrina!

It is estimated the Hurricane Katrina destroyed 600,000 homes and damaged many 100,000’s more.

The overwhelming majority of the homes will require replacement of the cabinets.

Soon after Katrina hit, Mark identified and made a distribution agreement with one of the most respected names in the New Orleans market.

As their production rate increases, they intend to add sales representation all along the Mississippi coast.

The sky is the limit for Tucker Cabinetry.

When asked what his is biggest obstacle to grow this, Ro snapped “finding good people!.” If you are reliable, quality focused, and a team player Tucker Cabinetry might have a place for you!

Veterans are preferred.

Contact Kelly Lee at the State of Alabama Career Center to submit an application. Please do not call Tucker Cabinetry – they’re busy!