Wal-mart looks to Nov.21 completion date

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 12, 2005

DEMOPOLIS – From the outside it looks as though all the new Wal-mart site needs is a few signs and a paved parking lot, but project leaders say there is much more to be done inside.

According to Glenn Cocherell, project superintendent, the plans are to finish laying colored slabs on the floor, work on the ceilings and install sheetrock inside the building then complete work on the curbs and gutters in the parking lot.

Electricians must also come in to install light fixtures and wiring.

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“We will pave the parking lot at the start of next week,” Cocherell said. “We’ll put down about eight inches of gravel and then about four inches of asphalt.”

He also said the exterior of the building will be painted soon because the signs will probably begin to go up the first days of November.

“We’ll be substantially complete by November 21,” he said. “Wal-mart will take possession on about the 28th, but there are always a few loose ends.”

According to Cocherell, the new Wal-mart will have a Subway restaurant, hair salon, game room, and an eye-care center for customers. For the employees, a large break area with a separate smoking room.

Cocherell estimates the new Wal-mart site to be about two times the size of the old site at roughly 155,000 square feet.

But, although the freezers are built and the refrigeration cases for grocery items are on site, Super Wal-mart anticipators still have to wait until the end of January before they can enjoy the “always low prices.”