Walking trail progress stalls in Greensboro

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 13, 2005

GREENSBORO – The progress ball has stopped rolling when it comes to the UNA Martin Leisure Park walking trail in Greensboro.

Everything was going fine for the trial until the bids came in.

The city had planned to match $20,000 with the $80,000 in grant funds for a total walking trail budget of $100,000.

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Unfortunately, the lowest bid was $111,153.72, which makes the asking price more than $11,000 over budget.

The city had the option to not construct the gravel parking lot and parking lot lighting to make the total costs $99,040.72,

remove one decorative light around the trail and remove lighting for the parking lot, but retain the gravel parking lot which would make the total $98,993.72, or negotiate with the bidders.

“We are going to try to negotiate with the lowest bidder,” Greensboro city attorney Vangeline Rose said. “If we can’t do that we just have to put it back out there because we don’t have an extra $10,000 for this project.”

Also Catfish Country, a Tuscaloosa radio station, asked for its Octoberfest to be held in November, since the council gave the station permission a month in advance of the events’ original October date.

The council agreed to allow the station to push the event to November 5.

Of, course it will no longer be called Octoberfest, so event organizers will have to think of another name as well as get vendors for the event.

Mayor Johnnie Washington said the four requested speed breakers will be placed in front of the Greensboro West campus sometime this week while the students are out of school in attempts to slow speeders down.

The Council said congratulations to City clerk, Lorrie Cook,

for her acceptance into the National Clerks program to strive toward a master clerks degree.

The council paid $22,373.05 in bills and will allot $3,500 to Keith Wyatt for the Golden Years program.

Carolyn Hemstreet from the Hale County Library wrote a letter to the Council thanking it for increasing the allotted funds for the library.

With the money, the library will now have access to HomeworkAlabama.com.

At the close of the meeting, Council members asked citizens to keep Councilman Johnnie Davis and his family in their prayers. His brother was buried Tuesday.

The next Council meeting is October 25 at 6 p.m.