Invitation to long time commitment

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 20, 2005

DEMOPOLIS – After joining the “Pink Ladies” auxiliary at the Bryan Whitfield Memorial Hospital, May 13, 2004, Mae Johnson is pleased she took advantage of invitation.

“I was invited to join and I am so glad I did it because I like being around people,” Johnson said. “I thoroughly enjoy it and I really enjoy the people I work with.”

Johnson said her favorite part of volunteering is working in the gift shop and she also enjoys making flower arrangements.

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As a native of Carrolton in Pickens County, Johnson first moved to Demopolis in 1954 with her late husband, a former Lowe’s Jewelry employee.

She then moved to Greensboro and returned to Demopolis three years ago.

“My first husband passed away 20 years ago,” she said. “Then I remarried four years later and he passed away five years ago.”

Johnson has a daughter who currently resides in Demopolis and a son in Montgomery.

When she isn’t volunteering at the hospital she enjoys sewing and taking care of her two grandchildren.

“I go to First Baptist Church where I am a member,” she said. “And I do whatever I want the rest of the time.”

Johnson also has six siblings she enjoys visiting when she has free time.

“I have four sisters and two brothers,” she said. “Two of my sisters and my two brothers live in Greensboro and my other two sisters live in Florida.”

According to Johnson she loves to travel and to spend time with her sisters on the coast.

“I’ve been to a lot of different places. Lake Martin, Meridian and Florida,” she said. “It is just a nice drive going to Meridian. Matter of fact, I’m going there this weekend.”

Johnson also said she had fun in Atlanta at the market with fellow pink lady, Imogene Eddins.

“We went down to the market and we had a ball,” she said. “There was just so much different stuff.”

She said she enjoyed the luncheon at Gaineswood where they were the honorary guests, as well.

“The men cooked the food and served it,” she said. “It was nice.”

Johnson believes every fundraiser the “Pink Ladies” host is a great one so she couldn’t pick a favorite.

“Everything we make goes back to the hospital,” she said. “So they are all really good.”

She also said she plans to volunteer at BWWMH until she is forced to stop.

“I’ll stay as long as they let me. I thoroughly enjoy it,” she said. “This is a great place to work and I am glad I was asked to work here.”