Perry Commission talks requirements to serve

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 26, 2005

PERRY COUNTY – As of right now, age and residency are the only requirements for running for county commission. But if Commissioner Albert Turner Jr. could have his way, a high school diploma, or the equivalent thereof, would be a necessity.

“If they have to deal with millions of dollars we need someone that’s competent,” Turner said.

However, commissioner Ron Miller believes the county should decide for itself.

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When chairman Johnny Flowers stated the county should make sure there is a qualified person in place, Miller said the voters are capable to make that decision on their own.

“I think that if we have qualified voters, they’ll determine it,” Miller said. “We should leave it up to the voters.

Flowers said he could see the point on both sides of the argument, but added that “every office has its standards.”

After the discussion, commissioners agreed to place a referendum on the June ballot so the citizens can decide.

“We will let the people decide what quality they would like to have in the person representing them,” Flowers said.

Commissioners are also hoping for a ribbon cutting for the new Perry County jail around Christmas time.

An amendment to the drug policy was accepted and added to the personnel policy because people were not being tested for illegal substances as they should.

“People are not being tested when they are taken to the hospital after an accident when they should’ve been,” Turner said.

According to Flowers, the new policy will be “stringently enforced” and they want people to be aware of what their rights are and what the city’s rights are.

After being informed of bids for the air conditioning in the courthouse and the electrical and plumbing contracts for the new prison, commissioners did not pick a contractor for any of the projects because of law concerns and/or high bids.

Commissioners said they will discuss the matters further at the next meeting Tuesday, November 8 at 9 a.m.