Hospital will X-ray candy for nervous parents

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 31, 2005

DEMOPOLIS – Skeletons and little monsters will be able to get their Halloween goodies x-rayed after an afternoon of trick or treating Monday night.

The Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital is offering free Halloween candy x-raying from 6 – 8 p.m. in the emergency room as part of the Halloween Safety Program.

In a BWWMH release, hospital CEO/Administrator Mike Marshall, said they’ve never found anything in a bag of candy that shouldn’t be there, but they won’t stop looking.

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“We offer this service as a way of helping parents be more at ease with what their children bring home in their trick-or-treat bags each year,” Marshall said.

The hospital’s Halloween Safety Program also features free, light reflective trick-or-treat bags stuffed with safety tips for the holiday.

According to myth busters at, rumors that police have documented cases of “madmen randomly distributing poisoned goodies” to trick or treaters are false.

But there have been isolated incidences where a child was targeted and poisoned by an acquaintance.

However, Snopes investigators have found instances where pins, needles and razor blades were hidden in goodies.

“Unlike Halloween poisonings, many cases of tampered trick-or-treat loot involving the insertion of pins, needles, or razor blades have been documented,” the site reads. “Hiding a needle in an apple is almost always a prank, not a serious attempt to cause harm.”

Snopes said there have been about 80 reported cases of finding a sharp object in food, but only ten of them ended in injury.

“In the worst case, a woman required a few stitches,” the site said. “Compared to ‘eat something and die,’ a couple stitches barely registers on the scale.”

Although none of these cases have been reported in Demopolis, it is best to keep your ghosts and goblins safe by inspecting their treats and having them x-rayed at BWWMH.

Halloween Tips:

Be careful in the selection of Halloween costumes. Make sure the costumes are not so long that they drag the ground, which can cause the children to trip and fall.

Let the kids wear face paints and makeup rather than masks which can block their view.

Only visit those homes which have lights on.

Stay on the sidewalk when going from home to home. Don’t let the kids run and play in the street and make sure they look both ways before crossing the street.

Don’t let children eat their treats until they have been inspected by an adult. Be sure to eat before you go out Halloween night so that they won’t e tempted.

Have each child carry a flashlight Halloween night. This makes it easier for the kids to see and be seen.

When trick or treating, make a list of the relatives and friends that you want to visit before you leave home. They will want to see your little goblins and you will know exactly where all of their goodies come from.

Adults should always accompany children while they are trick or treating.