Towed car dominated Eutaw Council meeting

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 9, 2005

EUTAW-A towed car in front of Eutaw’s First Presbyterian Church led the city to discuss their policy on improperly parked cars Tuesday.

The car, which was parked on the street facing the flow of traffic, was in violation of city policy, but Councilman Lewis Bostick felt the police department should have been lenient since there was no posting of a parking violation.

“I feel it was a mistake to have that individuals car towed,” Bostick said. “We encourage people to go to church and this car was towed and it cost that person $175. I don’t think without the proper posting this type of thing should ever happen again until it is posted.”

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The spot was not marked as a restricted zone, Bostick said, which created confusion when the car was towed.

The problem, Eutaw Police Chief Reginald Spencer said, was the car’s length. The back end of the car disturbed the flow of traffic.

“The vehicle was left parked in the flow of traffic on the truck route,” Spencer said. “We made several attempts to contact the owner to try to move the vehicle. We are not asking people not to park there, we just ask them, if they are going to park there, not to do so in the flow of traffic.”

“I personally think the town should take action and reimburse them for the price of the towing,” Bostick said. “They didn’t think they had done anything wrong. I think if we are going to continue to do this, and I don’t object to it because it is a bad place to park, we need to have something posted.”

Concerned citizen’s relayed to Eutaw Mayor Raymond Steele, who said he was seeking a solution to the problem.

“I am looking into this matter and I will take the appropriate action,” Steele said. “I have talked with one of the family members involved, I have talked to the church’s minister and I have talked to the police and this matter will be dealt with.”

The city encouraged citizen’s to attend church, Steele said, and felt the officer meant no harm in having the vehicle towed.

“Parking is not a problem,” Steele said. “Church members can continue to park there as they always have. The problem comes when the vehicles are left there and it was a long vehicle on the street. I think the officer saw it there and was just acting in good faith.”

Steele assured the citizen’s of Eutaw they did not want to create a hostile situation.

In other business, the council discussed holiday closings. The council voted to make Friday, Nov. 27, the day after Thanksgiving, Dec. 23 and 26, the day before and after Christmas and Jan. 2, the day after New Years, holidays for city employees.