Twins arrested in Eutaw shooting

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 7, 2005

GREENE COUNTY-The Greene County Sheriff’s Department appears to be closer to solving the August shooting death of Marquis Rice. Tuesday, to men were taken into custody in connection with shots fired at the Zodiac Club on Saturday, Aug. 12 around 2 a.m.

Though they have not been charged with Rice’s murder, Kendall Gibson and Randall Gibson, both 22 of Aliceville were taken into custody on charges of discharging a firearm into an occupied building.

Greene County Sheriff’s Department Administrator Dolores Plump said the Gibson brothers were involved in the case, but have not been charged with the fatal shots.

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“These guys did some shooting,” Plump said. “But they have only been charged with some of the shooting in the place. Nobody has been arrested in the shooting.”

When shots were fired, Alvin Underwood of Eutaw reported shots fired into his vehicle. Underwood escaped injury.

Greene County Sheriff Johnny Isaac said the Gibson brothers were arrested in connection to gunshots striking the vehicle.

“The arrests were made because we had information they were in the area,” Isaac said. “They were arrested for firing shots into a vehicle, but they have not been charged with the murder.”

Arrests connected to the fatal shots, Isaac said, should come in the near future.

“We feel we have plenty of evidence in the shooting,” Isaac said. “We feel we should have an arrest very soon.”

Both were released on $20,000 bond.

The incident occurred when an argument outside the club ended in gunshots. When the shots ceased Marquis Rice, 21, of Eutaw had been fatally wounded. Rice was transported to Carrolton Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

The problems began inside the club earlier that night when a member of Rice’s party hugged the girlfriend of another participant in the scuffle. The boyfriend in the case apparently took offense and eventually the two sides squared off. Though Rice received the most serious injuries, bullets struck several others. Anthony Thomas, 32, of Ralph, Dedrick Kirkman, 24, of Ralph, and Demetrius Little, 22, were all shot in the leg during the shootings. All were treated and released. Authorities estimated about two-dozen shots were fired in the incident.

As many as six people were questioned the weekend of the incident and an ongoing investigation continues. The department hopes the initial arrests will lead them to the responsible party for the fatal shots.