Science Club seeks grants for projects

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 8, 2005

With a science fair in the distances of their minds, students in the Linden High School Science Club are searching for new ways to learn the value of experimentation, but one thing is stopping them. They don’t have the money.

Although it’s been less than a month since the scholars gathered with more than 100 peers from Linden Elementary School and George P. Austin Junior High in the elementary school’s cafeteria at the biannual science fair, the students are yearning to further their scientific knowledge.

“We haven’t done anything since the science fair,” faculty advisor Antionetta Baldwin said. “Now, I’m just in the process of trying to get grants for them and that’s it.”

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With a group of more than 30 club members, the two faculty advisors, Baldwin and Eddie Armstead, are facing a challenge when it comes to letting each student gain hands-on experience.

In a Nov. 19 article, the Austin Junior High principal Terry Gosa said the science fairs allow students to start an assignment and see it through.

“The science fair gives students an opportunity to do a hands-on activity and to work towards a goal,” Gosa said.

But with no new projects, supplies, and equipment, the Linden High Science Club members have very few experimental goals to strive to achieve.

Hence, Armstead and Baldwin are hoping to find a way to fund more scientific exploration to their students.

With the proper funding, the advisors plan to purchase necessary lab equipment, new projects, science supplies and take the students on science-oriented fieldtrips.

“We are just trying to expose the children to more science because we want them to be more motivated,” Baldwin said.

“They just need more hands-on experience with science applications.”