Smokin’ Jack’s protects its turf

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 12, 2005

The local barbecue team of Jackie Poole and Craig Seale, better known as Smokin’ Jack’s, finished strong at last week’s Christmas on the River State Barbecue cook-off with three top ten finishes.

Smokin’ Jack’s finished tenth in the overall competition, first in the ribs division and second in the chicken division.

Poole, who has been competing with Seale since 1996, said they were pleased with their performance.

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“I am proud of what we did,” Poole said. “We took a lot of awards. Craig and I have been together for a long time and we did really well.”

The two normally split duties, Poole said, and each was very effective.

“Craig normally does the chicken and I do the ribs,” Poole said. “It just works out really well. We were really pleased and surprised by the way it went.”

Top five finishers in each division were:


1. Lotta Bull Barbecue


3. Whoop de Que

4. Smokin’ Triggers

5. Outhouse Barbecue


1. Lotta Bull Barbecue

2. Smokin’ Jacks Barbecue

3. Smokin’ Triggers

4. Full of Bologna

5. 2 Big Slugs Barbecue

Pork Ribs

1. Smokin’ Jacks Barbecue

2. Lotta Bull Barbecue


4. Smokin’ Triggers

5. Jiggy Piggy

1. Whoop de Que


3. Lotta Bull Barbecue


5. Oink Cackle and Moo Too


1. Lotta Bull Barbecue

2. Outhouse Barbecue


4. The Grilling Room

5. Chuck Wagon Cooking

1. Smokin’ Triggers

2. Full of Bologna

3. Oink Cackle and Moo Too

4. Red Rub Barbecue

5. Jiggy Piggy