Councilman tapped lead to U.S. urban growth board

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 19, 2005

The people of Demopolis know all about Councilman Thomas Moore’s leadership skills and his ambition to move Demopolis and the Black Belt forward.

But, Moore’s contagious spirit extends far beyond Alabama. At a recent meeting of the National League of Cities in Washington D.S. Moore was appointed by his peers from around the country to serve as the league’s Economic and Community Development board.

Demopolis Mayor Cecil P. Williamson made the announcement at Thursday’s city council meeting and said it was a great opportunity for Moore and the city.

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“We are glad to have someone from Demopolis on this committee,” Williamson said. “It is great to have someone from Alabama and Demopolis serving.”

Moore has a long history of service on the state level. Through the years, he has served as Chairman and Vice President of the state’s League of Municipalities.

Currently, Moore said, he is in his second term as Vice Chairman.

In his new role, Moore said, he will listen to proposals and polish them before presenting them on a national level.

“The steering committee will bring a proposal to the policy committee,” Moore said. “We will react to their proposal and resolutions and we can present resolutions as well as submit our own resolutions.”

Moore said the committee has proven in the last year it can make a huge difference for municipalities.

“In the last year when Community Development Block Grant funding was challenged to be reduced, this committee went to bat and we saved the program,” Moore said. “It was reduced funding from the previous year and without our lobbying efforts it would have been totally left out. The committee has been effective.”

Moore found himself in good company with a few other Alabamians on the Committee. Jane Martin, a councilmember from Selma, Bob Bunting, Mayor of Ozark and Lee Garrison, a councilmember from Tuscaloosa will all go to battle with Moore.

Appointment to a national committee is no easy task. However, Moore said, serving on state committees has him well prepared. Moore said they hope to continue doing great things for Alabama and the rest of the nation.

“After I gained some experience on the state level, it was a natural progression,” Moore said. “It was great to get that acknowledgement and we are doing well.”