Davis’ AG plan ‘exact opposite’ of Bush initiative

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 19, 2005

Although its on hold until next year’s session, Artur Davis said he definitely plans to reintroduce the Seed Bill as a way of increasing funding in rural development.

“Reintroducing this is a way of laying the marker and displaying a different approach to rural development,” Davis said. “In this plan, everything is the exact opposite of [George W.] Bush’s rural programming.”

With the bill, Davis plans to create an agency to aid less-fortunate people in the Black Belt.

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The Black Belt is an area of Alabama known for its low employment, poor health care, and an overall slow economical growth rate.

According to Davis, the program will cost $500 million in graduated amounts over a five-year period. Thus, he has decided to hold off on bringing the plan back to the table this congressional session.

Davis said the political environment in Washington, D.C. is not conducive for such an idea right now because of the tragic hurricane season. But, the plan will return very early in the second session, Davis spokesman Corey Ealons said.

“There are very few voices for political debate in the congress and I am one of the few,” Davis said. “But we will continue to work on this for as long as possible.”