Arch Street Riverwalk project revived

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 6, 2006

Rick Couch / News Editor

At Thursday’s meeting of the Demopolis City Council citizens and representatives were reminded they would have an opportunity to voice their opinions on the Arch Street project in less than two weeks.

Demopolis Mayor Cecil P. Williamson said the company planning the project was eager to hear from the public.

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“(Engineering firm) Goodwyn Mills and Cawood will be in Demopolis in this building Jan. 18 at 5:15 p.m. for a public meeting on the Arch Street Riverwalk project,” Williamson said. “I would like for everyone to be present that night because they will be seeking input from the citizens and council.”

Councilman Charles Jones asked Williamson if the company had presented a drawing yet. Williamson responded this was one of the reasons for the public hearing.

“They are getting input first and then they are going to come back with a drawing,” Williamson said. “The drawing will be done after the public input so they can see what the public wants.”

As for the overall progress, Williamson said surveys had been performed, but they were still researching.

“They have surveyed the property and they pursued some possible materials to use,” Williamson said. “They are pursuing some options.”

The company should have a plan soon after the public meeting, Williamson said.

“There will be a lot of input that night and they will come back to us with a plan,” Williamson said. “They want to get public input first.”

She added they were right on schedule to break ground by July 1.

Williamson also announced Hugh and Lydia Lloyd contacted the city and said they would like to allow them to display a Margaret Webb painting.

“He would like to donate to the city a mural he has that was given to him,” Williamson said. “It is an exact duplicate, but not as large as the same mural that is in Robertson Bank. It is not as large as the one in Robertson Bank, but it is a very large painting.”

The Lloyd’s said they would like to offer the painting for display as an expression of gratitude to the municipal staff and employees who keep the city beautified, safe and work hard at keeping Demopolis the way it is.

With last year’s holiday’s behind them, the council also looked at their 2006 holiday schedule. Councilman Woodie Collins said as far as Christmas and New Years were concerned, he would like to see city departments choose their own schedules.

“I think that is something they could discuss in their staff meetings,” Collins said. “I think it would be best to let them get together and look at that.”

The council agreed this would be best.