Have the courage to influence others

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 16, 2006

We are now in a new year. It is time for new challenges, new goals, and new decisions to be made.

Resolutions, more often than not, make liars of most of us. At the beginning of each new year, we resolve to do this and that, at least until the new wears off. Soon, usually too soon, we forget about the great changes we were going to make and fall right back into our previous pattern of living.

Most New Year’s Resolutions are, by tradition and expectation, short lived. Many who make them do not expect to keep them. At best, they are a good way to appease the conscience about that bad habit I have, or that “spare tire” I’m carrying around. I may even need them to tell myself I’m going to do better at living like a Christian this year.

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The low success rate in keeping our New Year’s Resolutions illustrates the problem that causes most of our difficulty in life. It is a lack of real commitment!

Commit-ment is the necessary ingredient that makes relationships work whether it is marriage to my mate, or marriage to the Lamb of God. If I cannot get or keep a job, quite possibly, it is because of my commitment, or lack of it, to the task.

We often get side-tracked and think that “if I just had more time…” I could do this and that. Time probably is not the real issue. The issue is whether or not I am committed to the project.

We frequently look at commitment as a partial involvement. It must be total. Here is a story that will illustrate the point. It happened early one morning in the barnyard.

The master of the house wanted breakfast. All of the animals put their heads together to see how they might fill their master’s request. The hen spoke up and said, “I’ll do my part. I’ll donate three eggs.” “Fine,” said the cow. “I’ll give a quart of nice, fresh milk, and some nice cream for butter.” Suddenly silence fell all around the barn. Both the hen and the cow looked at the pig. “Well, are you going to give ham for the master’s breakfast?” “Hey, don’t look at me,” said the pig. “All you had to do is give some of what you had. For me it is total commitment!”

Commitment is expensive, isn’t it? Can we only give a little of what we have and please God? When He committed Himself to us, was it giving a little, or was it “Total Commitment?”

With the arrival of the new year, let’s ask some real and eternal questions, and make our decisions based on our answers. Am I really committed to God? Am I supplying eggs or ham? What would I need to do to make commitment adjustments in my life and to my family to put Jesus Christ on the throne of my heart? Do I have the courage to make changes? Do I have the desire? Would it really make any difference in my life and those I influence?

When will I start?

God Bless and GOOOO DAWGS,

-Rev. Murphy is the Pastor at the First Christian Church of Demopolis. The church website is www.fccdemopolis.org