Chamber to honor city school board members

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 19, 2006

Each month of the calendar year is marked not only by the number of days or the holidays celebrated within that month, but now each month is also marked by which cause will be ‘recognized’ during that month. We are all familiar with some of the more common examples including February as Black History Month and October for Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer Awareness.

Right now, during the month of January, Alabama is celebrating its 13th Annual School Board Member Recognition Month. The theme for this year, “Making a World of Difference” seeks to acknowledge school board members’ role in preparing today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders for productive citizenship.

School board membership is one of the most personally demanding forms of public service. These members spend countless hours preparing for and participating in the monthly meetings. They also devote a great deal of time to studying education issues and laws and listening to the concerns of parents and teachers.

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In an effort to honor our local school board members we will be hosting a ‘Chamber Breakfast’ this week. Our speaker will be Dr. John Johnson, President of Alabama Southern, who will speak on Alabama’s Education System and of the importance school board members’ play in shaping the lives of our children.

I would encourage our members to take advantage of this opportunity to express our gratitude to the people who serve our community and our children.

P.S. The 90th Annual Chamber Banquet and Silent Auction is only weeks away. Call our office now to get your tickets for our February 6th event!