Congregations must take leadership roles

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 6, 2006

It is unfortunate that too many congregations have made a crucial mistake in the realm of leadership development. Unfortunately there is no leadership development taking place in certain local bodies. Often times these congregations will sit back and wait for a David or Moses to arise out of their midst to walk in the steps of their present leadership. And when no such leaders can be found, the congregation struggles and may even die.

So what is the key to perpetual leadership? Why is it that some congregations seem to be overflowing with adequate leadership year after year, while others must be content with no leadership at all? The answer is found within a congregation’s leadership development plan. In congregations saturated with leadership, a strategy can be found for perpetuating itself. In congregations where leaders are scarce, a haphazard developmental approach is evident.

The church of today must begin planting the seeds of leadership for tomorrow’s generation. For we will reap the type of leadership we sow. The following are several beginning places for a congregation wishing to develop future leaders.

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1. Use the pulpit effectively. – Preach on leadership and great leaders of the Bible. Preach on the qualities of Moses, Joshua, David, Jesus, and others. Draw practical lessons from their lives that members can take home with them and continue to grow throughout the week.

2. Take advantage of other’s experience. – Attend classes, workshops, and meetings that train and motivate leaders to action. If none are available in your area, consider hosting for elders, ministers, deacons, teachers, and other leaders.

3. Take advantage of other’s talents. – Do not attempt to do the work of the church alone. Go the extra mile to always give individuals opportunity to serve the Lord, even if it may seem like an unimportant or insignificant work to you. Areas of service allow people to prove themselves and gain confidence to lead in greater fields of labor in the future.

4. Don’t overlook your young people. – The greatest mistake a congregation can make in leadership development is to neglect its young people. Young Christians have the same desire and right to serve God and grow as leaders as older members do. If the church neglects the children it is certain that one day the children will neglect the church!

5. Be an example of Leadership.

– We’ve all heard the statement, “Don’t do as I do, but do as I say.” Congregations who appoint men who lead by word only and not by example will insure the raising of future leaders who do the same. A leader should be willing like Jesus to take the towel of service, rather than always receiving the service of the towel.

The church must be busy developing members of the Lord’s body to lead the church into the 21st century. We must mature individual leadership qualities among members, so that when the “horns of leadership” are presented, there will be leaders who will immediately and without hesitation grasp the horns and lead God’s people down the road to heaven.

God Bless and GOOOO DAWGS,

-Rev. Murphy is the Pastor at the First Christian Church of Demopolis. The church website is