Vandalism lets idiots leave their mark

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 16, 2006

Vandals in Demopolis need to wake up and smell the coffee. In the last two months, five vandals have been arrested with another well on his way.

By now it should be clear to these people, you are not going to get away with spray-painting buildings.

To be honest, it really doesn’t matter what the targets are, vandals are going to get caught. The sooner they realize this the better. There is always going to be someone around, someone you tell that won’t stay quiet or some obscure piece of evidence that will give you away. There are definitely better hobbies to take up with fewer risks than spray-painting buildings.

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Aside from the criminal charges, there are many other things to consider before committing this type of crime. First, ask yourself “Is this really worth the possibility of jail time?”

When the iron bars close and your new roommate asks “What are you in for?” how much respect can people possibly get by saying they decided to redecorate some buildings around town? This just doesn’t seem like the best way to make a name for yourself.

The second major flaw of vandals is the crime scene. The entire crime is based around leaving evidence! That’s right, when you spray-paint a building or perform any other destructive act, all you have really accomplished is leaving evidence. The buildings hit by vandals can be painted over and structural damage can be repaired, so in the end all vandals have really accomplished is leaving lots of evidence. I’ve never claimed to be the brightest fellow in the world, but these seem to be awfully one-sided crimes when arrests are made.

Everyone understands that young people are going to hit their snags now and then. There are going to be curfew violations, poor decisions or the occasional poor mark in schools. These things are all part of growing up. But, vandalism is a pointless act that usually ends in the vandals themselves coming out as the biggest loser.

Unfortunately, this is a growing problem in Demopolis. Last year, Riverside Cemetery was the target when headstones were shattered and mausoleums were damaged. This year, the new artistic statement seems to be painting on buildings.

I’m certain the people who have already either confessed or been arrested for these crimes have nothing but regrets. A crime that initially only cost them the price of some paint, has now escalated to bail, court costs and fines. You also have some pretty angry people who know who you are.