Almost on schedule: Courthouse should be ready by June

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 17, 2006

Despite hurricanes, tropical storms and numerous weather issues, construction on the Marengo County Courthouse is still close to where it needs to be.

Commission Chairman Ken Tucker said workers have encountered minor setbacks, but rebounded to keep the project close to where it should be.

“The total project, right now, should be about 60 percent complete and we are at about 55 percent,” Tucker said. “There were some weather issues and they found some damage once they started demolition that they hadn’t anticipated and plaster issues. That put them no more than 5 percent behind.”

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When renovations began last year, the completion date was set for June of 2006. Currently, Tucker said, nothing has changed as far as completion is concerned.

“We are still in good ship to finish up on target,” Tucker said. “We have actually been pretty fortunate with the weather and that has helped a lot.”

Crews are keeping busy on every level of the building, Tucker said. Demolition on the basement is almost complete and crews are installing ductwork and framework on the north entrance.

On the first floor, metal stud framing is complete and plumbing and wall framing work is underway. Ductwork on the first floor is 95 percent complete, Tucker said.

On the second floor, electrical work is near completion and sheetrock is hanging, which, Tucker said, is a good sign.

The roof, Tucker said, is 99 percent complete and should be finished soon.

Recently, Tucker said, crews also took certain safety measures to keep people from straying into work areas. There were problems with people walking through construction zones to get a closer look, which created several hazards.

To prevent this, Tucker said, companies put up fencing and added signs urging people to keep out.