Linden gets $240,000 grant

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 2, 2006

The city of Linden received good news in regards to their proposed downtown revitalization project.

The city received official confirmation from the office of Alabama Gov. Bob Riley Tuesday their application for Federal Transportation Enhancement funds had been approved for $240,000. In turn, the city will provide $60,000 in matching funds to complete a $300,000 Main Street Streetscape project.

Linden Mayor Pat Vice said they haven’t finalized their plans for the project, but was excited to get the news.

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“We got the letter form the Governor the other day,” Vice said. “Right now, we don’t have any plans drawn up, but we are working on it.”

The grant, Vice said, will go a long way toward helping them get the project underway.

“Of course, $240,00 is a sizable grant,” Vice said. “Once we get the plans together we will present it to the city council, get it approved and put it out for bid.”

The proposed route for the project is along Main Street from Cahaba Avenue to Third Avenue and other landscape areas along U.S. Highway 43 and Alabama Highway 28. The project is designed to improve the safety and aesthetics of the downtown area with pedestrian and bicycle sidewalks.

The project was chosen because of its location in the historic district of the city. The grant application stated there were several historic homes in the project area as well s several buildings of historic significance.

Through this project, the application stated, the city hopes to enhance the appearance of their thoroughfares and make it more hospitable to pedestrians and travelers. Aesthetic qualities, public safety and economic development in the community as a whole are expected to be enhanced by the project.

Construction of the project, according to the application, will include landscaping and scenic beatification features along the right of way such as decorative street signs, lighting planters, four foot wide pedestrian sidewalks and pavers and drainage work. The life expectancy of the sidewalk is 25 years.

The city plans to budget annually to maintain the proposed street-scape improvements and the Street Department will be responsible for maintenance.