City urges citizens to clean responsibly

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 17, 2006

With spring weather comes spring-cleaning. But, many people don’t realize there is a right and wrong way to remove debris from their homes.

Unfortunately, if people don’t observe the city’s rules for disposing of trash and other items the only thing they accomplish through cleanups is transferring a mess from their homes to the side of the road.

Demopolis Public Works Superintendent Mike Baker said they have noticed more and more items on the side of the road and wanted to remind people of what can and can’t be removed.

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“It’s that time of year when people get ready to do some spring cleaning,” Baker said. “We just want to remind them of what can and can’t be picked up.”

There are many items public works and Arrow Disposal can pick up, but people have to follow the rules. Limbs and grass are examples of items both encounter many times. Limbs can be picked up provided they are cut short and piled. Grass and leaves are also part of pickups, but they must be bagged and piled at the roadside.

Problems also pop up when people decide to renovate or redecorate their homes. Sometimes, Baker said, people place an entire household of items on the street.

“One of the biggest problems we have are people putting out large amounts of household items,” Baker said. “They can pick up single items, but, when people put out a whole house full of items on the side of the street neither the city nor Arrow can get those.”

If there is a large amount of debris, Baker said, the best bet is to call Arrow Disposal and rent a dumpster.

There is also a misconception that items left over by contractors will be picked up, Baker said. But, when contractors perform renovations or clear lots it is up to them to clean up.

If anyone has questions about what can and can’t be picked up, Baker said,

or what they need to do to get things ready to be picked up they can call him at 289-3879.