Council votes to demolish property

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 20, 2006

The wheels are in motion to get several privately owned buildings that need serious attention in Demopolis restored or taken down.

At Thursdays meeting of the Demopolis city Council, City Attorney Rick Manley went through buildings one by one that have been identified as problems by the Citizens Task Force.

The council discussed each building’s situation, possibilities and ownership before assigning a deadline for repairs or demolition.

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Before the buildings were brought before the council, the buildings were identified by the task force. The next step was to contact the property owners and write them the initial letter and give them a chance to make the property, habitable, useful or bring it down.

If the property owners failed to do so, the procedures go to City Attorney Rick Manley who contacts the owners to see if they got in touch with the right people If all other measures fail, the properties are subject to action.

Only one property was voted to be demolished. The property of Lewis Mullens at 5602 County Road 2, was approved for demolition if no one stepped forward to claim it.

This property, Manley said, was among the most dilapidated of all identified.

“I would say this is the worst piece of property that we’ve got,” Manley said. “The windows are out in the front and the back and the roof is falling in. It is in horrible condition.”

Attempts to reach the property owners were unsuccessful, Manley said.

“The committee wrote a letter and they got no response,” Manley said. “The next step is to adopt a resolution and send them a copy saying they have 30 days to come to the council and ask the council if they want to defer it or get busy cleaning it up. If they don’t do it, we will be back here to tell you we want to go forward and tear it down.”

If they get no response in 30 days, Manley said, the city would get bids from the four companies in town that demolish buildings and more if they can find them.

The remainder of buildings and resolutions were as follows:

John Ed Davidson and Thomas Etheridge, 819 and 829 Franklin Street

The owners were given 60 days to repair the roof and 30 days to remove debris.

Robert Jones Construction, East Jackson Street and Second Avenue

The trailer owners have 10 days to remove the burned trailer on the property.

Robert Jones Construction, 407 E. Washington St.

The owners are required to remove, replace or repair the windows, doors and roof within 90 days and make the house occupyable or useful.

Duplex at 409 and 411 E. Washington St.

The owners have 60 days to demolish or make substantial repairs to the property.

John Ed Davidson and Thomas Etheridge, 1602 W. Jackson Street

The owners must update their permit and complete the work they have begun on the windows, doors and siding within 90 days.

Robert Owen, 1505 Chickasaw St.

The owner has 90 days to bring the building up to code and 30 days to remove debris.

Ray Ray Incorporated, East Jackson St.

The owner has 90 days to repair the roof and bring the building up to code.

Dr. Judy Travis, East Washington Street and Commissioners

The owner has 90 days to replace the windows, doors, roof and clean up the yard.

Carol Kincaid

The owner has 30 days to clean up the yard. Building inspector Junior Brooker will provide specific instructions.