Some events are better only once in a lifetime

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 6, 2006

Whether you know it or not – and if you were awake to witness the moment – everyone reading this was part of a very unique experience early Wednesday morning.

At two minutes and three seconds after 1 a.m., the numbers on the clock read 1,2,3,4,5,6. This is something that happens only once every 1,000 years, so unless you eat your Wheaties, say your prayers and eat your vitamins, the odds are pretty strong no one will see this happen again.

There are several phenomenal events that take place in regards to time and space that people usually only get one shot to see. Probably one of the most famous is Haley’s Comet.

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The comet, which is named after English astronomer Edmond Haley, flies through the night sky only once every 76 years. The comet last appeared in 1986, meaning it will show up again in 2062.

I would like to think many of us who witnessed the comet 20 years ago would get another shot. But, for now, I am treating my 86′ viewing as my one shot.

While the idea of these two events is exciting, the build up is really the pinnacle.

Having actually witnessed both these events, I have to say there are much bigger events I would like to have had only one time to witness.

And forget space and time, my once in a lifetime viewing experiences would have more to do with the sporting world.

First and foremost, I am tired of seeing the Atlanta Braves storm out of the gates, finish the regular season strong and then flop.

Seriously, how many times can this possibly happen? I was in eighth grade when all of this started and I’m now pushing 30 and still suffering.

Sure, there was one year of relief in 1995, but I think that actually made things worse. Knowing that there is not some outside force keeping the Braves from bringing home the big trophy is extremely discouraging.

Having the Braves cruise through the regular season, blow through the wild card and division playoff’s and choke in the big game once would have been enough. They should have stopped with the loss to the Twins in 1991.

I could also have done without the second stint of probation for the University of Alabama football team. Call me a whiney Tide fan, call me a crybaby, but couldn’t they have picked on someone else? Seriously, you got your point across the first time.

Instead, University of Tennessee players and others from around the country were free to run through their quaint little college towns above the law or any other authority figures. Nice work NCAA.

The first two items I would like to have seen limited to one occurrence. But, the last item on my list is more of an appeal.

Once, just once, I would like to see the New Orleans Saints go to the Super Bowl. I don’t care it they win. I don’t even care if they score, it would just be nice to see them show their faces in the big game one time. I’m not getting my hopes up, but the law of averages has to be on their side. Just look at the Buccaneers and Seahawks. Their fans suffered for years, but each team finally got their long-awaited shot.

Of course, this is all wishful thinking. There are some things – such as time, space and the misery bestowed upon sports fans by their favorite teams – that we just can’t control.