WAP to be lead by Tide great

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 1, 2006

It didn’t take long for new West Alabama Prep head coach Pierre Goode to grab the attention of everyone in the gym Friday morning when he was introduced.

After a loud reception, the crowd of students, teachers and parents were all ears as Goode laid down his intentions and plans to bring the Titans back to the top.

For the past week, Goode said, he reviewed tape from the previous season. The foundation, he said, was there. Now it is just a matter of unlocking the team’s potential.

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“I see some things that we can build on,” Goode said. “We just need to get the right and proper techniques. We are going to get some things done.”

Restoring the Titans proud tradition, Goode said, started with the students. Goode encouraged students to come to the football field next week and bring their friends. Practices would not be easy, he said, but that is what it takes to win.

“If there are some guys in the hallway that want to come out, then we want them to come on out,” Goode said. “Yes, it is going to be rough. We are going to work hard, but the ultimate goal is to win the state championship.”

West Alabama Prep principal Lynn Compton said Goode’s hiring brought a sense of rejuvenation to the program. His deep football background, she said, was everything they could have asked for in a coach.

“We are thrilled,” Compton said. “I have been a huge football fan my whole life and to have an All-SEC and All-American come here for our kids is just a dream.”

Goode’s influence, Compton said, should be strong on and off the field. In their meetings, she said, everyone was very impressed with the way he handled himself and presented his plan.

“It’s not just his athletic ability, it is his character and persona,” Compton said. “He is top notch.”

Top notch, Goode said, was exactly what he expected from his players in everything they do, including academics.

“I strive to be the best,” Goode said. “We are going to do that and do the right things in the classroom. Before you come to the court, the football field or the baseball field you have to get things done in the classroom.”

Monday, at 7 p.m., the school will hold a special meeting for everyone come and get to know Goode. The event is open to the entire community.

The next day, it will be time to get down to business. The Titans take to the field for two weeks of spring training and hope to hold a scrimmage at the end.

Throughout the summer, Goode encouraged students to take part in his Olympic style weight training program and agility work.

A camp held by Goode, his brother and other professional football players would also be held during the summer.

When fall rolls around and school is back in session, Goode said, he expected his players to be leaders and good examples.

“We are here to win, we are not here to go in the hallway and start fights,” Goode said. “We are not here to go out and disrespect your families and your self, your team or school.”

Getting the Titans back to the state championship game will take a lot of blood sweat and tears, Goode said. But, in his closing statements, he also let the team know where he stood.

“I’m here for you 100 percent,” Goode said.