Grand Gallery displays local artists’ creations

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Although Sunday was full of rain and dark clouds, the chilly weather did not stop area artists and art lovers from enjoying the evening at downtown’s The Grand Gallery.

In order to thank local artists for the hard work they put into the works hanging in their place, Gallery co-owners Kenneth and Rebecca Marlowe celebrated the talent with an artist appreciation day.

“We just wanted to show appreciation for all the local artists have done and we want everyone to see it,” Rebecca said. “It’s our way of bringing people out to see the good work local artists are doing and what can be done in Marengo County.”

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Many of the artists have had their artwork grace the walls of The Gallery before, but the Marlowe’s wanted to give talent, which hadn’t been showcased on its own, a chance to truly shine.

As guests mingled throughout the building, they walked among the works of more than 20 West Alabama artists, but today was a special day for Christina Lee, Catherine Meador, Tina and Tiana Rivas, Tannon Temple and Joe Turner, because they were the featured artists of the night.

From Tanner’s paintings and pottery which he says reflects “perfection in imperfection,” and the photographs of DHS graduate Turner, to the mix medium, passionate works of Christina Lee who is known as “Chastane,” The Gallery is a place for artists to display their visual expressions for the community to enjoy chaotic swirl patterns, bright colors, serene scenes, and one of a kind jewelry.

And even though Tiana Rivas has had her pieces grace The Gallery walls before, the timid young artist was still amazed that her works draw a crowd of its own.

“It’s just a hobby for me,” the 13-year-old DMS seventh grader said, “I never thought it would be in a gallery.”

“I enjoy capturing life in eyes,” said Tina Rivas, “and being able to use my art to bring people into downtown Demopolis is my way of giving back to the local community.”

“It’s my way of being supportive of downtown and The Gallery and just Demopolis in general,” photographer and OMNI Sports co-owner Catherine Meadows said. “If downtown is successful, the whole city is successful.”

In addition to supporting the city, Meador said the exhibits give her the opportunity to work toward something more.

“I’ve had my pictures and photographs here before, but I finally had a reason to go get these prints made,” Meador said as she held of a stack of postcard-sized prints.

With the attendance record surpassing what was expected due to the weather, Marlowe

said The Gallery will probably make the day an annual event.

“We want downtown to stay on the move,” Marlowe said, “We need to keep Demopolis alive.”