Registration has begun for DCS summer programs

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 8, 2006

Although today’s main focus for Demopolis City Schools is Schoolfest, education leaders are also planning for another big thing – summer programs.

With money from an $8,000 21st Century grant and some funding from the community education budget, community educator director Barbara Hill and her team have added many more summer activities to make this summer go above and beyond any other.

“We’ve added a trip to Atlanta and the POW museum, camera and video education classes (taught by DHS teacher William Martin), magic show days, cheerleading camp, magic marker art, a variety show,” she said, “and we brought the Missoula Children’s Theatre for the first time in four years. Mrs. Eleanor Bailey from the central office is responsible for that.”

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The theatre group will choose approximately 60 youth to be in their musical production of “The Frog Pond.”

According to Hill, two actors will travel from Montana in a van with everything needed for the play except for the children and a piano.

“The arrive with everything from the props to the costumes,” Hill smiled, “and they will perform at the Canebreak on Friday at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.”

In addition to the new things, students will also have the opportunity to participate in music lessons, including piano and guitar, papier mache, and plenty of other creative and crafty options taught by DHS instructor William Barley.

Planned field trips include going to environmental camp, the University of Alabama, the aquarium in Georgia, visiting the Alabama Battleship, and cruising the Tombigbee with the Corp of Engineers.

In order to participate in the 21st Century summer program, students must be in the first through fifth grade.

But pre-teens and teenagers won’t be left out of the fun this year, because Hill and the Demopolis City School staff have decided to create a program to cater to them for the first time ever.

“The high school program is completely new and we really want to push it,” Hill said, “It will bring the sixth graders into the high school and many of the high school students are interested in taking summer classes too.”

Students who are preparing to take the ACTs on June 10 can attend ACT practice test sessions from May 30 – June 9.

“Many students want to take ACT classes but they weren’t able to fit it in their schedules,” Hill said.

If that’s not their cup of tea, they can participate in web design and digital pictures classes, art, painting and crafts courses, or just show off their skills in the Variety Talent Show on June 28.

Both summer programs are open to all Demopolis students in public and private schools. In order to participate in the Talent Show, students must sign up by June 14, or contact Arletha Perry or Carrie Thomas.

The 21st Century program is $25 per week, plus the cost of any field trips, and if students attend other classes during the week, Hill will provide a special trip price. Art classes will be $40 a week and camp is $25 per student. The summer classes for young adults is $25 a week.

And in case you are wondering, parents don’t have to pay for the days their youngsters don’t attend the activity.

“You can just sign up to do whatever you want to do, or you can register for the entire summer,” Hill said, “and we won’t charge you for the days you can’t come. So, if you can’t come everyday, it’s O.K.”

Last year, the program welcomed 150 students on average, but this year with the high school program, Hill hopes to surpass those numbers.

For more information on these upcoming summer programs and registration questions, call 289-3951, or 289-8190.