Commission considers widening industrial park

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Commissioners Max Joiner, Calvin Martin, John Crawford Jr., Freddie Armstead and Ken Tucker, attended the Marengo County Commission meeting yesterday morning in Linden. Among a number of other things, matters with the Linden Industrial Development Board were on the agenda for the commission to discuss yesterday. The proposed agenda from the board included the commission’s consideration in widening of a road leading up to the industrial park, and possibly a portion of Shiloh Street.

The Parks and Recreation Board, District 4, is requesting the purchase of a piece of heavy machinery equipment used for ball fields and parks. The commission motioned to accept the lowest bid for the piece of machinery, which was $7,800, but the commission communicated that clarity must be made before proceeding. “The county will have no interest in taking care of the equipment,” County Commissioner Freddie Armstead said.

After the equipment is purchased, the commissioners agreed that the county commission is not responsible for the continuing up-keep and use management of the equipment.

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County Commissioner Ken Tucker said that the commission would then have “no responsibility for housing, maintenance and storage of the equipment.” Schools and recreational facilities in cities including Linden and Demopolis will also have access to the use of the machine.

Ken Atkins, the county engineer, also had a proposal for the commission for the acquisition of heavy equipment. “It needs to be replaced on a systematic basis,” County Commissioner Max Joiner said. Atkins suggested the commission consider the purchase of a backhoe, and possibly a loader or asphalt spreader. “We’ll get the most work out of the backhoe,” Atkins said. The commission granted the county engineer to take bids for the backhoe machine, which will become available on an as-needed basis.

The commission discussed new business and also motioned to table the issue on the meeting agenda regarding liquor license application.

Yesterday’s commission meeting also included a request that was submitted to the commission to make July 3 a holiday, or a day off, since July 4 falls on a Tuesday. The commission made a motion to also signify July 3 as a holiday leave from work.

An increase of 6.8 percent in cost of waste management was proposed since the current agreement is due to expire on September 30, 2006. The commission granted only to renew the agreement as is without a price increase, since they may be able to negotiate a cheaper price before the current agreement expires.