Red Cross gets local help

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 16, 2006

There are two groups of people in the world. There are those who see things they want and wait for it to come to them. Then there are those, like Brenda Weaver, who go after what their wants.

Soon after reading about Wal-Mart giving away money for local community organizations, the Linden Red Cross community outreach coordinator made a trip to the Demopolis store to fill out an application to test her luck in the next award cycle.

“I had been reading about the grants and every time I saw a picture of the recipients, I thought ‘We should be in the middle of that.’ So, I picked up an application and turned it in the next day,” Weaver said.

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And when Weaver received the phone call to inform her the Red Cross had been chosen to receive a grant, she was shocked to say the least.

However, when Weaver realized the check was for $1,000, her excitement rose to an indescribable level.

“I had no expectations. I would’ve been grateful for any amount because the Red Cross depends strictly on the community for funding,” she said. “We needed it so badly. I have a dinosaur for a computer and a dinosaur for a copier. The office phone doesn’t even have redial.”

Weaver plans to use the money for a technological update in the Linden offices.

According to Helen King, Wal-Mart training coordinator and Good Works coordinator, the grant program is open to any local non-profit organization. Awards are given if the group meets the criteria and the amount is determined by the number of people the organization serves.

“Wal-Mart always tries to give back to the community,” assistant manager Laquata Cornett Woodruff said.

“And we are definitely about the community and the welfare of it,” Weaver added. “We are currently educating the community about storm preparation.”

For more information on disaster training sessions, contact Brenda Weaver at (334) 295-0805.

If you are a member of a 501-C3 non-profit organization and would like to apply for a grant, visit the nearest Wal-Mart for application information.

“We select applicants from our shopping community – which includes from Livingston and York to Demopolis and Linden,” King said, “but you can only apply once a year.”