What champions are made of?

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 19, 2006

Demopolis High School Tigers Coach Doug Goodwin knows what it takes to produce championship winning teams and called conditioning. If you doubt his methods, just ask to see his 2004 4-A Alabama State Championship Ring, he’ll gladly show it off.

“We have a year round conditioning program installed in this team and for all the athletes at Demopolis High,” coach said. “We give them some time off, two weeks after the end of school and then we’re back in the gym and on the field getting faster and stronger.”

Our focus is on team speed and team strength.

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Most of our workouts are geared towards these goals and that’s why when August rolls around none of my boys in blue will be cramping up or out of shape, he said.

“Our summer workouts are offered twice daily and this allows those players who work a chance to come either in the morning or night,” he said. “There’s no reason for any of my players to miss these practices unless they have a really good reason like going on a vacation or work.”

Practices run Monday, which is speed and power drills, Wednesday, which is seven on seven drills for the skill players and linemen work and Thursday, which is lifting in the weight room. They have Tuesday and Friday to recover, he said.

“Our practices are pretty demanding as they build the player up, so that when we put the pads on August 7th, we’re going to be in shape and ready to play.” “All of these players that come to regular workouts are the ones that want to play this August because there’s no reason for any player sitting home not to be out here working,” Goodwin said.