Grant given to aid with drainage

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 28, 2006

According to Councilman Charles Jones, the needs of a district are about to met. This week, the City of Demopolis was awarded a $1 million grant from the Alabama Department of Community Affairs’ CDBG Program and FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.

The grant, which totals out to $1,165,050, will go towards the drainage problem in the areas of A, B, C D, Center, Bell and Laura streets, Edgewood Drive, Lincoln and Lee avenues.

“This has been a need for our area going on for at least the last 10 years,” said Jones. “The previous council turned down the proposal. But it was resubmitted and we got it this time.”

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According to Jones, when it rains the water will puddle in those area and flood the sewage line causing them to back up into people’s homes.

“The work is going to start in 8-10 months,” Jones said. “The engineers have 3-4 months to draw the plan and then bids have to be taken.

“So by this time next year, work should start on this problem.”

This money will help the 263 residents that live in 122 housing units throughout that area.

According to Jones the city of Demopolis paid $28,000. In a press release issued from the Mayor’s office, the breakdown of payouts shows that the CDBG from ADECA is for $269, 842 and the HMGP from FEMA totals out to $878,788.

“I’m excited about it because we are partnering with the State of Alabama and we are using FEMA funds,” said Cecil P. Williamson, mayor of Demopolis. “It’s just going to raise the economic and housing level of that entire area.”