Garden Club takes city under wing

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 12, 2006

After helping Demopolis students create beautiful and fruitful landscapes over the course of the school year, the Southside Garden Club is embarking on a new project.

As part of a city beautification attempt, members of the club are asking all Demopolis residents to help keep the city clean.

“We get up everyday and clean up around our neighborhood,” Garden Club member and project coordinator Genida Johnson said. “We find all kinds of trash like whole sandwich trays, cans and wrappers. People drive by, throw bottles out their windows and the glass shatters all over the place. So we have to come out and pick up the broken pieces, and that’s dangerous.”

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For this reason, in order to keep the city clean and safe, members of the Garden Club are asking for people take responsibility for the trash on and around their property.

“If everyone keeps their own yards clean,” Johnson said, “the city will be that much cleaner.”

Johnson also said the club is searching for help keeping public areas, such as school grounds and parking lots, tidy.

“It’s up to everyone to do their part,” she said. “We just want to keep the city clean.”

Although the project doesn’t officially kick off until September, it’s never too early to begin cleaning up the city that more than 7,000 residents call home.