Million dollar bond set for Ohio native

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cory Locke was a sex offender on parole in his Ohio hometown when he became wanted for kidnapping.

Thus, he fled authorities and mover to Selma in attempts to leave his bad record behind him. There was only one problem – he brought more federal charges with him.

“He had a Web site where he was running an escort service,” 4th judicial circuit prosecutor Shannon Lynch said, “and he brought two girls with him from Ohio into Selma – one was 21 and one was 16. Here, he was selling them into stripping and prostitution and he had them posted on the Website.”

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Although one of the young ladies involved was of legal age, the other was technically a minor being shown on the Web in “an obscene manner,” and that constitutes child pornography.

Thus, instead of allowing Locke’s bond to be set within schedule, Lynch was determined to get the highest bond possible for the man she believed “posed a threat to the community.”

“He had several aliases and had been arrested numerous times before on a lot of assault charges and some drug charges. He has an extensive criminal history,” she said. “Also, since he left the state while on parole, he was considered a flight risk, and with that record, he was definitely a threat to the community. So, I wanted to take him to court and ask the judge to set his bond at $1 million dollars.”

And 4th circuit judge Bob Armstrong did just that Thursday afternoon in the Dallas County Courthouse.

The only way for Locke to find himself back on the streets is to make a $1 million bond.

The extremely expensive bond is the system’s way of trying to prevent incidents such as these from happening again district attorney Michael Jackson said.

“We will continue to take a hard line on criminals who hurt and abuse kids.”