Council hopes to demolish city’s eyesores

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 21, 2006

In attempts to clean up the city, the Demopolis City Council discussed vacant, dilapidated homes and the destruction thereof.

After being presented with an actual-sized replica of the U.S. Constitution from Demopolis citizens Mr. and Mrs. Bert Rosenbush, the council switched gears from adding beauty to the city to destroying eyesores.

As approximately 30 A Street residents sat in council chambers, the board heard concerns about vacant properties in the neighborhood.

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After a representative of the group made it clear that these properties were not a part of the Citizen’s Task Force, which stopped working on locating vacant buildings in the city due to what they called a lack of action, Demopolis mayor Cecil P. Williamson let it be known that the council is doing all they can to get the city cleaned up.

“If you turn the list of properties and the owners into me, we will take care of it,” Williamson said. “Government moves slowly but we can’t move at all if you don’t take the first step and do that.”

Although the group wants the properties demolished immediately, Williamson let it be known that the landowners must first be found and contacted before any other steps are taken.

Even though the council is willing to get the ball rolling soon on the A Street properties, they agreed to give final notice to three other landowners.

City attorney Rick Manley will send notices out to the owners of buildings at 1714 B Street, 1009 Florence Street, and 405 North Cherry Street, and if after 15 days there is no response, the buildings will be demolished.

Also at Thursday’s meeting, the council approved alcohol licenses for two local businesses.

China Buffet will now be able to sell beer for on or off premise beer consumption and the city’s newest sports bar, Batter Up Sorts, will be able to sell liquor on the premises once it opens on Highway 80.