Short meeting nets many positives

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 24, 2006

The Linden City Schools Board met last night in a public meeting at Superintendent Dr. Walter E. Davis’ office.

The 40-minute meeting accomplished several items.

The school board approved all items that Superintendent Davis recommended, which included: approval of employment for new teachers, approval for the transfer of teachers to other schools in the school system, approval on the employment of aides, approval of new pay supplements, approval for a work delay on the Linden High School Gym until funds become available from the State Department of Education and approval for the Superintendent and Federal Program Coordinator to apply for all federal funds.

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Also discussed by Superintendent Davis were the installment and costs of new air condition/heat pumps at the junior high and elementary schools.

“Our plans are to take the new air conditioners, which we did buy seven new air conditioners at the elementary school last year, and I think we would have enough to switch those new air conditioners from the elementary school to the junior high. Then we would have to look back later and replace the heaters at the junior high school. The boiler room at the junior high is getting to be dangerous now,” Davis said.

The board approved Dr. Davis’ plans for the installment of new air conditioners and heating in both schools.

“We’ll get this together as quickly as we can, and I know you’ll get it done,” said Joyce Yeager, Chairman of the Board, of Davis.