Goal almost met for All-Stars

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 28, 2006

Demopolis- The 13-year-old Alabama State Championship West Alabama All-Stars held a fundraising event last night at the Demopolis Sportsplex called Hit for Donations.

Each member of the team had three to four days to walk around and get pledges from people on how far they would hit a pitch. Each player would receive 10 pitches from a coach and they would be hitting purely for distance.

“We will benefit in two ways from this event,” “Raising the ever important trip money and allowing the players to get some batting practice,” Head Coach Kevin May said.

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They have raised over $6,500, so far and this event will help them reach that magical goal of over $8,000.

They will still hold the bake sale in Linden at Papa’s Foods today starting at 9:00 A. M.

The top five hitters of the event were 1st place- Trevor Johnson 276 ft, 2nd place- Jamey Clements- 270 ft, 3rd place- Roshan Hira 267 ft, 4th place- Rabe Hale- 261 ft, and 5th place- Matthew Barger 252 ft.

“We raised about $1,400 tonight, so this brings the total close to $8,000,” May said.

The team held the event as part of their plan to raise over $8,000 for their trip to compete in the Regional Finals of the Babe Ruth League and for the right to go to New Jersey and a shot at the World Series.

This is the first time that any team from the West Alabama Babe Ruth League has made it to the Regionals.

They leave on August 3rd and have to report in Williamsburg, VA on the 4th. They play their first game on the 5th against Tallahassee, Florida.

They will play in a round robin style, where they will guaranteed at least four games against some of the best teams in the country.