Spence called back to Pittsburgh for liver tests

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 11, 2006

DEMOPOLIS – Evan Spence’s road to recovery hit a snag on Wednesday afternoon.

Spence is seven weeks removed from having received a brand-new liver.

“He’s always got a chance of rejection for the rest of his life,” said Diane Lewis. Lewis is not only the mother of Evan’s girlfriend Samantha, but also a registered nurse. “The first two weeks are crucial but the first three months are critical.”

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Since Spence has been back in the City of the People he has been going to Brian W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital to get his blood work done.

In turn, they would send it to Pittsburgh’s Children’s Hospital to be analyzed.

“His bilirubin count has gone back up to 1.2,” said Lewis.

Bilirubin is the chemical in the body that is associated with the liver and was the culprit for Spence’s being jaundiced for a majority of his life.

“He was at my house [Wednesday] and his mom called and told me to send him home,” said Lewis.

“Pittsburgh had called and wanted him back up there.”

Lewis, who spoke with both Evan and his mom, Joan Thursday night said that he had already been admitted to the Children’s Hospital.

He is to undergo a liver biopsy at 9 a.m., this morning.

According to Lewis, when Spence was leaving the hospital a handful of weeks ago, a boy was coming in that was dealing with rejection and he was three and a half months out of a transplant.

The Spences should find out the results of the biopsy this afternoon.