Adding classrooms, new stadium both good plans

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Pitting athletics against education is an old ploy that needs not enter into the debate over whether or not a new stadium should be built at Demopolis High School.

Certainly, important questions must be posed. And then each question should be answered and addressed on their individual merits.

For the part of the school board, all indications are they have done just that.

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Does Demopolis High School need a new stadium? It appears their answer would be yes. Therefore, they have committed what they feel they can afford toward addressing the answer.

Will campuses throughout the Demopolis City School District need classroom additions in the coming years? It appears the answer is affirmative in this situation as well. The district continually tracks enrollment numbers to plan for needed expansions.

In the end, academics should always be the top priority for a school system, but that does not mean it should be the only priority.

Athletics &8212; as do art, music, theatre, etc. &8212; provide outlets for students outside the academic world. It gives them structure and discipline and the opportunity excel at something that brings them great enjoyment.

For the Tigers, they are long overdue a new stadium. According to school officials, their current facility was completed in the mid-1960&8217;s, approximately 40 years ago.

The plan put together by a group of school supporters is one that takes into consideration more than just the high school football program.

The current location would be renovated for junior varsity, middle school and pee-wee teams. The new practice field would be built wide enough for conversion to a soccer field and would include a track so that the school could add additional sporting opportunities.

The field house, locker rooms and concessions are slated to be used by both the football field and the practice field.

Most of all, it allows our high school team to play at their home school instead of busing somewhere else.

We hope the city supports the building of a new stadium. This is a project of which our students are deserving.