Body found in Marion pond

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Until Tuesday, the body two Marion fishermen found in a Clements Street pond Saturday was unidentified.

Marion Police Chief Jack Nelson said the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences had identified the body as that of 23-year-old Marion resident Quinton Green.

“We don’t have any reports on how he died and we don’t know how long he was dead,” Nelson said. “We have to wait until we get the report back from forensics. They ran his dental records to find his identity and they performed an autopsy, but they haven’t told us anything except for his name yet.”

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Green was not reported missing until Saturday night, Nelson said, though his mother said she hadn’t seen him in three weeks.

Nelson said Green’s mother lived on Clements Street near the pond.

“We’re still treating it as a homicide,” Nelson said, “because we don’t have any evidence to prove that it’s not (a homicide) right now.

The 23-year-old victim had an arrest record, Nelson said, though he was not sure of the charge. Nelson declined to say whether Green’s body exhibited signs of trauma.

Nelson said the fishermen were at the private pond in Marion Saturday afternoon when they saw what they believed to be a body.

“Then they called us,” Nelson said, “and we handled it from there.”

Other than discovering the body, Nelson said, the fishermen are no longer connected to the case. Nelson said he hoped to receive preliminary findings from the forensics department sometime this week, but did not expect to see “a full report for months probably.”

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation is assisting Marion police in the investigation.

Nelson said there are currently no suspects and no determined cause, or motive, for Green’s death.

– Managing Editor David Goodwin contributed to this report.